Worship DVD
Worship DVD
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Worship is a 13 Session, 5 DVD teaching series designed for personal or group study. In Worship, Vineyard founder, John Wimber, simply and practically addresses the who, what, how and why of contemporary worship, using scripture-based material and live demonstration.

Disc 1:

  • Intimacy
  • Triune God
  • Who is Qualified to Worship?

Disc 2:

  • Why God Commands Us to Worship
  • How to Worship-ACTIONS
  • How to Worship-CONFESSION OF SIN

Disc 3:

  • How to Worship-CELEBRATION
  • How to Worship-JUBILATION
  • Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth

Disc 4:

  • Worship in a Public Sense
  • What Happens When We Worship?
  • Phases of the Heart Part 1

Disc 5:

  • Phases of the Heart Part 2

Recorded at Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Anaheim, CA, in 1989, this series is conveniently broken into 30 minute segments. Whether you have studied worship extensively or are just delving into what worship is; this series will take you on a reflective spiritual journey to true worship.

Includes live worship with Danny Daniels, Eddie Espinosa, Marie Barnett and Debbie Smith-Tebay.

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