Empowered Evangelicals
Empowered Evangelicals
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By Rich Nathan & Ken Wilson

By combining the Evangelical tradition with the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement, this book is an insider's guide to the fastest growing segment of the Christian church, and also shows both Pentecostals and Evangelicals how to combine the best elements from both congregations. The authors encourage unity and mutual appreciation.

Is there anything more self-evident than that we live in a time of rapid change, the most rapid change, indeed, in the history of our planet?

Both Rich and Ken grew up as atheists and then joined the evangelical world. They moved from being conservative evangelicals to being empowered evangelicals learning along the way to pray for the sick and to cast out demons. Over the last decade, Rich and Ken have begun asking questions about the evangelical subculture that they spent their entire Christians lives in, especially regarding issues of race, poverty, women, war, science and creation-care.

How can we embrace necessary change without compromising all that we believe or simply becoming echoes of our worlds? In other words, how can we be relevant without falling into the error of accomodationism?

The changes that have happened in our churches have been the result of a growing appreciation and embrace of a bigger and clearer vision of the Kingdom of God. What is the future kingdom like that we are to pray for when we pray "Thy kingdom come, they will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?" What is the future kingdom like that all creation is standing up on tippy toes and waiting for? What is racing towards us from the future that we can begin to experience right now?

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