Witnesses For A Powerful Christ
Witnesses For A Powerful Christ
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By John Wimber

God has been stirring the church this century in an unprecedented manner. The last ninety years have been characterized by wave after wave of renewal. As with any flood, however, there is the danger of being overwhelmed by the strength of the current.

The flow of renewal, Wimber says, needs to be channeled in order to be effective. To channel the flow of renewal, we must strengthen the foundation of our Christian lives. Christ–centered worship, the Word of God, our Christian walk, and our works of righteousness are four banks that channel this flood we call renewal. These banks not only direct the flow of renewal they also intensify its force.

About The Author:
John Wimber a man God called to a much larger task: to lead the church into dynamic renewal. He learned and taught us to touch God in worship, to move in power of the Holy Spirit, and to see God's Kingdom break out everywhere. Before his death in 1997, this ordinary man of faith had been raised up as an international speaker, a best-selling author, and pastor and founder of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship movement worldwide.

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