Doing Healing
Doing Healing
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If you want to be healed, and especially if you want God to use you to heal others, this book is a must-read!

Trillions of dollars are spent annually in the health industry, in our daily battle with sickness. In Doing Healing Alexander Venter gives us an awesome vision of God's healing power by sharing his story of brokenness and healing, and addressing incisively and provocatively the questions of:

  • how we understand sickness and healing
  • how our view of reality affects this understanding
  • what the Bible says about it
  • how Jesus healed people
  • how he authorised and empowered the church to heal

He then gives a practical “how to”, both to receive healing and to minister healing as a follower of Jesus, in the six basic dimensions of human sickness: spiritual, psycho–emotional, demonic, physical, relational, and death and dying.

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If you are looking for a comprehensive treatment of the ministry of healing, you will not find a better book than Venter's Doing Healing.
– Rich Nathan, Senior Pastor, Columbus Vineyard, teacher and author

Alexander's book is a tremendous gift to help us to understand our call to healing, to live in its reality and to freely give it away.
– Gary Best, National Team Leader, Vineyard Churches, Canada

Alexander Venter's book on healing, Doing Healing, is a masterpiece, one which I shall carry in our three different Schools of Healing and Impartation.
– Randy Clark, Founder of Global Awakening

Careful and sound kingdom theology, great storytelling about real, verified healings and life combine to make this a major textbook on healing. I suspect it will become a standard work in many places, for theological formulation and practical training.
– Derek Morphew, Director, Vineyard Biblical Institute

I know many Christians who, for all practical purposes, have given up on healing. Healing, for many people, is attached to “Charismatic” Christianity. So much weird stuff has happened in the name of “Charismatic” Christianity that reasonable people have deduced that there is no sensible way to pursue healing through the power of the Spirit as an aspect of the kingdom of God. Thankfully, Alexander Venter's life, thoughtfulness and practice combine to form a bright light which illumines a way forward – a way that honours God, respects people, is non–manipulative, non–superstitious and holistic in its approach. I hope Doing Healing revives the healing faith of millions of Christians and thousands of churches.
– Todd Hunter, Former Director, Vineyard Churches USA, President, Three is Enough Groups, Church Planter, Anglican Mission in the Americas: West Coast

I have found Doing Healing invaluable in the training of my students and in my own ministry of healing.
– Dr Vic Graham, Pastoral Theologian, College of the Transfiguration, Grahamstown, South Africa

About the Author
Alexander Venter and his wife Gill have two children, Zander and Misha–Joy. They live in a Christian community on a farm south of Johannesburg, South Africa. Alexander serves on the national leadership team of Association of Vineyard Churches South Africa. Doing Healing is his third book. The first two titles in this series are Doing Church and Doing Reconciliation, you should check them out as well!

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