The Vineyard Discipleship Guides<br>Volume 1
The Vineyard Discipleship Guides
Volume 1
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Experience and Worship God: Engage consistently with God, intentionally deepening your relationship and allowing your experience of his presence to fuel your life in the Kingdom.

  • Actively living out and embracing the Kingdom of God
  • Seeking to know God more deeply
  • Reflecting on and applying scripture in your everyday life
  • Experiencing authentic, interactive dialogue with God
  • Worshipping with your whole life

Partner with the Holy Spirit: Actively listening to the Holy Spirit and taking action according to what you are hearing

  • Increasing ability to hear and discern God's voice
  • Discerning where God is working and actively participating with him
  • Checking what you're hearing with scripture and your Kingdom community
  • Risking action in steps of faith and service
  • Discovering your giftedness and calling
  • Practicing spiritual disciplines in a way that increases our sensitivity and surrender to the Holy Spirit
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