The Way In Is The Way On
The Way In Is The Way On
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By John Wimber


John Wimber's teachings and writings on life in Christ

The Way in is the Way on is a compilation of the late John Wimber's teachings and writings on life in Christ. In classic Wimber style, he captures the heart of the reader by sharing practical applications from the Bible that result in life-changing experiences with God.

John Wimber's impact on the church worldwide is still evident today, even since his passing in 1997. He was an evangelist, worship leader, songwriter, pastor, and leader of the Vineyard Movement. However, he is most renowned for his practical application of the Gospel in order to "do the stuff" that Jesus did. Read first-hand accounts from Carol Wimber, Jack Hayford, Matt Redman, Jackie Pullinger-To, as well as many other Christian leaders from around the world who have been impacted by John's life. Discover John's Passion and zeal for Christ through this collection of his writings and teaching on Jesus.

"In terms of spiritual impact on the global Church, it is without question that John Wimber was one of the most pivotal instruments in the hands of the Holy Spirit during the last two decades of the 20th century. John Wimber was my friend - a good friend; our mutual trust and respect for one another was very obvious to those who know either of us. John's writings and teachings serve as tools which not only teach God's Word, but which summon and train God's people in ways that will see His Word spoken and spread..."
– Jack W. Hayford, Founding Pastor, The Church on the Way Chancellor, The King's College and Seminary President, International Foursquare Church.

"Everyone wanted to give John a title, but he was never up for it. He would often say, 'We don't use titles, just call me John. We don't need to print up cards with Apostle of Prophet so and so and we don't have designated elders.' He would Say, 'An elder is as an elder Does. Let's see who eld's'"
– Carol Wimber, John & Carol were married for 42 years until his passing in 1997.

"I am proud to have called John Wimber my friend. In 1991 when I was in a coma following brain surgery, John and his wife, Carol, came to the hospital and prayed for me. Two years later when John discovered he had an inoperable malignant tumor in his sinus cavity, it was my turn to pray for him. After he recovered enough to return to his pulpit, John told his congregation about his battle with cancer. He said, 'I have to tell you. I've been in the valley, and the view from the valley is not so bad.' I cried when I heard that. Every valley shall be exalted."
– Robert H. Schuller Founder, Crystal Cathedral Ministries.

"Ministry with the poor has always been one of the Vineyard's stated values, and I have longed to see this properly worked out all over the world. I thank John for his own example."
– Jackie Pullinger-To, Founder & Leader, St. Stephens Society, Hong Kong.

Foreword by Jack Hayford
Number of Pages: 251

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