Healing Ministry
Healing Ministry
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This is a book by a long-term pastor who has determined to do in his church what Jesus said we all should be doing.

Pastor Moraine has learned a few things about a balanced healing ministry. And he presents his case and his experience honestly. He neither ignores Jesus' mandate to heal nor advocates putting on a big show. He simply does what a pastor is supposed to do, quietly and without ostentation. This is the way it should be if we follow our Master closely.

So, listen to a pastor with experience and do what Jesus has called us all to do.
– Dr. Charles Kraft, Author and Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary


  1. Healing & God's Will
  2. Healing & The Kingdom Of God
  3. How Jesus Healed The Sick
  4. Healing & Authority
  5. Healing & Faith
  6. Healing & The Cross
  7. Healing Past Hurts
  8. Healing the Demonized
  9. Ministering Healing
  10. Special Notes To Pastors
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