How To Experience God
How To Experience God

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The high value of experiencing God in worship, one of the core values of the Vineyard movement across the decades, is one that we want growing deep in the heart of our individual church members.

With 7 accessible devotionals teaching historic Vineyard values in worship in fresh, accessible ways, this devotional experience will help you and members of your church understand what experiencing God in corporate and personal worship is all about.

Formats Available

  • eBook – PDF

Devotions Unpack:

  • Encounter – Worship is face to face.
  • Expect – Worship is a posture of the heart.
  • Enter – Worship is a place we enter.
  • Exalt – Worship is a response to God’s love.
  • Express – Worship is embodied in our expressions.
  • Engage – Worship is interactive with our world.
  • Experience – Worship is an opportunity for transformation.


  • Perfect material for a Sermon Series on worship, with accompanying devotional
  • Vineyard values in worship throughout
  • Teaches church members what corporate and personal worship is all about
  • Engages the reader in 7 growth experiences
  • A Daily Prayer for experiencing God
  • A Daily “Moving Forward” section with tips on learning to sense God’s presence
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