The 5 Step Prayer Model for KIDS
The 5 Step Prayer Model for KIDS
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Parents and Teachers! The 5-Step Prayer Model – For Kids!

Dear Kids, this booklet has been written just for you! Did you know that when Jesus lived on earth he treated kids as special? He wanted kids to feel that they could come to him any time because his kingdom is a place for kids. Jesus loves kids! One way to be like Jesus is to pray for your family, friends, or anyone else who needs Jesus. Jesus loves to hear you pray. He wants you to care for people who are hurting like he does. He wants to use you to bring his healing to people. In this booklet, you will learn how to boldly pray for others. Won't it be fun to help Jesus bring his love and hope to your world?

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A Teaching Tool For Parents and Teachers, with Coloring Pages For Kids

We can all teach our kids how to pray. Teaching our kids to pray is one of the lifelong gifts we give to the little ones in our care. And one of the best tools for teaching children (and adults) to pray is called the 5–Step Prayer Model.

In the Vineyard, we have a long history of people, of all ages, learning to hear God's voice as they pray for others, and praying in a way that invites God's Spirit to do miraculous things like healing, speaking directly to a person through us (prophecy), or even helping a person discern their next step.

In fact, we have children throughout the Vineyard movement who not only pray for other children but also pray for adults! Our kids have seen people touched, encouraged, and even physically healed as they've learned how to pray listening for God to speak.

This little booklet has 5 lessons that you as a parent and/or teacher can use to teach your children to pray according to 5 simple steps that will help them learn to pray the prayers God wants them to pray for people.

Formats Available

  • Booklet
  • eBook
  • Coloring Pages


  • Step #1 - Ask (How Can I Pray For You?)
  • Step #2 - Invite (Holy Spirit, Please Come)
  • Step #3 - Pray (Dear God, Please Help My Friend)
  • Step #4 - Check (What Is God Doing?)
  • Step #5 - Plan (Let's Pray Again Sometime)

Booklet Includes:

  • 2 Opening Letters from Phil Strout and Becky Olmstead
  • An Introduction For Parents & Teachers On Using The Study
  • 5 Lessons
  • 5 Coloring Pages – for Kids To Take Home

Each Lesson Has:

  • A Theme–Based On Each Step
  • A Bible Reading Passage
  • Questions To Ask Kids
  • A Coloring Page for Reinforcing the Lesson

Coloring Pages:

  • A Page for Each Step
  • Includes Digital License – allowing you to make unlimited copies for your ministry


  • A perfect tool for teaching kids how to pray
  • An inexpensive gift for each family and child in your children's ministry
  • Coloring sheets for posting around the room
  • Useful questions for teaching kids about prayer
    – Becky Olmstead, Kids Task Force Leader, Vineyard USA

"This booklet explains what we call the 5-Step Prayer Model in a way that children can understand. Kids across our movement are seeing God do miracles as they learn to use it to pray for others. ...Let's encourage the children in our care to lead the way in faith as we teach them that everybody gets to play in God's kingdom."
– Phil Strout, National Director of Vineyard USA

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