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What Is The Vineyard?
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What is the Vineyard

What Is The Vineyard? is a question people ask in our congregations every week. What is our unique mission in the world, and what is our history, our values, and our unique calling as a church movement? Help your congregation understand what your Vineyard church is all about.

Part of The Distinctives Series: These first five booklets in the Series, with reflections from over 25 different contributors from around the Vineyard, will connect your congregation with key ideas central to our shared Vineyard mission.

The Distinctives Series is for every pastor, leader, and individual member of your congregation. Each booklet is also an excellent teaching tool for newcomers and those getting to know the Vineyard. It's also perfect preaching material for your Sunday messages!

Written in an accessible and passionate style, each 24 page booklet will inspire your church members to engage with God, and our Vineyard calling, in a fresh, powerful way.

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