What Is Worship?
What Is Worship?

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If you have ever attended a worship gathering in a local Vineyard church setting, you may have noticed a few things during your experience. As the musical part of the worship began, you sensed anticipation in the congregation. As those gathered began to sing, you observed the expression of love freely being offered up by the worshippers, and the music taking a secondary place. As the songs played on, you thought that the people seemed to be aware of God being present with them, that the worship was interactive. If this was true of your experience, then you’ve just begun to taste the heart of what it means to us – as a Vineyard family – to worship.

In What Is Worship?, we’ll look at who we worship, why we worship, and how we worship – all from a Vineyard perspective. Then, we’ll weave all those ideas together as we look at worship through the unique values of the Vineyard movement.

Part of The Distinctives Series: What Is Worship? is one of six booklets with reflections from over 25 contributors from around the Vineyard. These booklets will connect your congregation with key ideas central to our shared Vineyard mission. The Distinctives Series is for every pastor, leader, and individual member of your congregation.

Written in an accessible and passionate style, the What Is Worship? booklet will inspire your church members to engage with God through worship, in a fresh, powerful way.


  1. Introduction
  2. Who Do We Worship?
  3. Why Do We Worship?
  4. How Do We Worship?
  5. Our Values In Worship

Booklet Includes:

  • A narrative teaching exploring a unique Vineyard distinctive
  • Reflections from various leaders around the Vineyard world
  • Clear sections for preaching messages or teaching classes
  • A conclusion giving a "next step" for engagement


  • A colorful, brightly designed booklet for your church brochure rack
  • A powerful tool to excite your congregation about worship
  • A perfect teaching tool for small groups
  • A fresh way of talking about worship in your church

25 Contributing Authors To The Series
Brian and Thora Anderson | Christena Cleveland | Christian Dunn | Mark and Karen Fields | Homero Garcia | Brenda Gatlin | Jeff Heidkamp | Bill Jackson | Dianne Leman | Caleb Maskell | Derek Morphew | John and Eleanor Mumford | Rich Nathan | Steve and Cindy Nicholson | Rick and Becky Olmstead | Jay Pathak | Lance and Cheryl Pittluck | Jim Pool | David Ruis | Adam Russell | Jamie Stilson | Rose Swetman | Phil and Janet Strout | Mike Turrigiano | Jamie and Michelle Wilson | Dan Wilt | John Wimber

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