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EDLD - Do It Again
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Essential Practices of the Vineyard Movement - A Word To Our Churches

"I want to share with you, from my heart, about an important idea that I believe is for the Vineyard movement at this time in our history. This entire booklet is about that one, simple idea, and explores what it means for us to engage in "main and plain" Kingdom living. What is that idea? It is captured in the phrase, EDLD – Do It Again, and it is a fresh step toward rediscovering God's highest priorities for us as a movement."
– Phil Strout

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EDLD – DO IT AGAIN! is for our every person in our movement asking "What is God up to right now?" in our generation. With a powerful call from Phil Strout to the work of Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership multiplication, and Diversity in those we reach, this booklet captures the essentials practices Phil believes are for the here and now of the Vineyard Movement.

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  • Book
  • eBook – PDF
  • eBook – PDF Spanish


  • A Word From Phil
  • EDLD: An Introduction
  • EVANGELISM: Share The Good News
  • DISCIPLESHIP: Help Christians Grow
  • LEADERSHIP: Multiply Leaders
  • DIVERSITY: Reach Out To Those Different From You
  • EDLD Mini-Poster & Discussion Sheet


  • Gets your leaders and members connected with this word to our movement.
  • Inspires church members and leaders to grow the church.
  • Leads into effective teaching and engagement on each of the EDLD topics.


  • A Sermon Series based on a word to our movement
  • A Small Group study with clear topics
  • A gift to all your leaders and church members
  • A personal growth tool for pastors and leaders
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