The Lord's Prayer The Lord's Prayer
The Lord's Prayer
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The powerful new discipleship booklet that includes six in-depth studies on the prayer that Jesus taught His followers. This complete study on prayer is perfect for both individuals and small groups and includes a line-by-line study of the prayer, practical action steps for spiritual growth, and more!

Formats Available

  • Booklet
  • eBook


  • Introduction
  • Week 1: Our Father
  • Week 2: Your Kingdom Come
  • Week 3: Your Will Be Done
  • Week 4: Give Us This Day
  • Week 5: Forgive Us Our Debts
  • Week 6: Lead Us Not Into Temptation
  • Doxology: For Yours Is The Kingdom
  • About Spiritual Formation
  • The Lord's Prayer (A Fresh Expression)
  • Daily Examen

Booklet Includes:

  • Enlightening Studies on the Lord's Prayer
  • Study Questions for Congregations & Small Groups
  • Spiritual Life applications
  • Quotes from historic spiritual formation literature

Each Study Unpacks:

  • One line from the prayer Jesus taught us to pray
  • A Scripture related to the theme
  • A practical action step for spiritual growth


  • A perfect Discipleship, New Year, or Lent sermon series
  • An inexpensive spiritual formation gift for every member of your church
  • A great, turn-key Discipleship series
  • A complete Small Group study on Prayer
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