Hard Conversations
Hard Conversations
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HARD CONVERSATIONS is a study exploring how we can reflect Jesus to one another even as we face the hard issues of our time. Whether we’re interacting on Facebook, or one on one with a friend we disagree with, how can we have hard conversations in love? This pastoral, 20 page booklet is perfect for a Sermon Series and Small Group Study!

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Order the booklets for your congregation to help as they navigate the hard issues of our time, then get the full Slide Series and Sermon Notes at the Vineyard Digital Membership!

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  • Booklet
  • eBook


  • Introduction
  • Affirmation 1: God has all truth, but we don’t have perfect access to it.
  • Affirmation 2: Love is as important than being right.
  • Affirmation 3: The Spirit can create unity where it once seemed impossible.
  • Affirmation 4: We can find our identity in Christ, not in our belief systems.
  • Affirmation 5: We choose to accept that we live in the already and not yet.
  • Conclusion


  • A turn key Sermon Series
  • A Study for discipleship and evangelism
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