He Is Yahweh
He Is Yahweh
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Vineyard Worship Kids Vol. 2 – HE IS YAHWEH brings some of the most current Vineyard worship songs as well as best–loved classics together in a format that's designed specifically for children's worship.

Youthful voices take the lead on this collection of Vineyard songs from popular songwriters like Jeremy Riddle, Samuel Lane and Brenton Brown, as well as modern Vineyard hymns such as Wonderful and classics He Is Yahweh & Breathe. You'll want to add HE IS YAWHEH to your children's worship library!

Vocals by these Vineyard kids
Melody Adair, Amber Corum, Abigail Corum, Elise Corum, Maggie Corum, Lydia Slevin, Haley Elmore, Paola Viviana Martinez, Daniela Sofia Martinez, Marko David Martinez, Daniela Michelle Martinez and Connor Waggoner.

CD includes links to chord charts & instrumental tracks.

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